The Khorichapada village is 15 KM away from Jawhar having 80 household including 350 population.All the tribal population lives in this village. People were faced water scarcity from long time.There were a drinking well existed which was constructed by Zilha parishad but it is 2 KM away from the village in deep valley.This well also gone dry during summer. so people were bringing water from pond which was made a bank of streamlet near well.They barely getting a cauldron of water after waiting one hour.In that time TATA Consultancy Engineering(TCE),Mumbai contact with NARAD for their CSR activity regarding water activity.TCE was want implement CSR activity in like that village. The NARAD suggested Khorichapada Village for this programme.The TCE appointed to National Rural Research and Development Association as implementing organisation for this programme. Program inclueds 1) Water survey of Village 2) Awareness activity 3) Water activity 4) Volunteer activity
Before going forward to the water program ,It was require to doing village water survey .Hence TCE appointed a team for geological agency to search a water source.They done a geological survey of whole Khorichapada village but in vain did not found any ground water sources near village.After sudy of the village water source The TCE decided to make a roof water harvesting project.The TCE prepared a Design and estimate of roof water harvesting project 
The project approved as per the criteria of people participation.Therefore it is neccessary to aware the villager about the project.The NARAD periodically arranged meeting of villagers and awared them about the project.Also the team of TCE was participated in one meeting to learn people about TCE and NARAD.Village water Management committee formed and trained them the about repaire and maintainence of the project.Also people agree to contribute work donation to the project ( each person will be spare one day in a week as work donation for the labour work of project).
The work of project started from 19/4/2013 .The excavation work done by with the help of local labour. The water tank of 8000 litre was constructed near Zilha parishad school of Khorichapada and roof water planed to taken from schools roof because it was well roofed by RCC work.The wter filtered constructed at the botom of school foundation and installed pipeline from this filter to water tank.The water tank costructed by skilled masons.One hand pump installed on the water tank to lift the water.
A group of volunteer from TCE also helped to the excavation work of water tank in two time.
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