The Talyachapada village is adopted by Sabic Innovative Plastic Ltd under their CSR program for total development.The Sabic appointed to National Rural Research and Development Association (NARAD) as implementing Organisation.The activity includes Water,Environment,Health and hygiene,Education and womens empowerment.Even though talyacapada village near for Jawhar, however is certainly away from development.When the volunteers/worker of NARAD were visited this village then the situation very bad ,everywhere was dirty place,People were not cleaning their yard becuase they were spent their musch time to bring drinking water from well which is 1.5 K.M. This well is not only long distance but also it is in the valley. So they had to take a lot of effort to bring water.The lack of awareness and education the people were unknow how to deal with guest visited in their village.
The "National Rural Research and Development Association" had Started awareness among people by arranging periodically villagers meeting. Through this meeting, the NARAD's workers teached them about sanitation and hygiene. Established a village development committee of villager. Also people has been fixed a day for cleaning of whole village in a week and daily cleaning of individual surrounding of houses.
The CSR Talyachapada Project is initiated by NARAD NGO at Talyachapad Village with the Support of "Sabic Innovative Plastic Ltd"..It is 12 KM away from Jawhar Block and situated on top of the hill,The people were facing water scarcity during summer.Also walking about 1.5 KM distance daily to fetching water .The NARAD made survey and searched water source near village and drilled up to 500 ft.and found sufficient water.The solar pump system installed for lifting water to village.Now people are getting enough and pure drinking water in village.The people are very happy with this water project.
Many families are going to migrate every year after over monsoon season.The farmer have much own unfertile waste land but trees can be grow in this land.The NARAD seen past experience in other village like this tree plantation project are enhancing the income sorce from this tree plantation and migration is decreased.Hence this activity under taken this village also.Selected 17 farmer whoever willing to plant tree in their waste land distrubute the 5000 sapling among these farmer and planted its in their waste land after 4-5 year the Talyachapada village will be turn in to green village from desolate land and farmer will be getting extra income from these tree.
Free Medical Check up camp organised under this programme at Talyachapada village on 21 August 2015 in collaboration with Patangashaha Cottage Hospital Jawhar.The Cottage Hospital provided a team of doctor to the camp.The Doctors team were included pediatrician, gynecologist,General physician and Pallatative care.Total 174 villagers taken a advantage of camp.Also the medicine were provided a free of cost. The team of SABIC were attended a camp and provide volunteering service to this camp. 
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