En-Light a Girl Child Project have been implementing in Jawhar Block of Thane District targeting 5000 girl child learning in 6 th to 12 class. It included Zilha Parishad School ,Highschool and selected Ashram school.In This Program The NARAD is working as ground Partner of SouLAce Consulting Pvt Ltd Colkata and Eveready is donar partner.

"En-Light a Girl Child" is a unique sustainable initiative towards addressing two crucial issues, one of perennial darkness in the rural households and the other of Girl Child Empowerment.

"En-Light a Girl Child" aims at empowering Girl Children in backward power deficient regions by creating positive discrimination for girl child, replacing their only source of lighting i.e. kerosene lamp with bright LED Lights for promoting education. “En-Light a Girl Child” would provides LED Light to a girl child studying in government schools in classes 6-12 in power deficient regions.

“En-Light a Girl Child” creates awareness about Girl Child Rights, Constitutional Acts and Central & State Government schemes for girl children through a booklet on Girl Child Rights.

“En-Light a Girl Child” holds a pledge at the school & community level to protect the rights of the girl child.

Targeting Girl children studying in class 6 - 12

The reason for targeting girls studying in 6 - 12 grades is the fact that this is the age in which they can communicate and influence the use of the light provided to them and also utilize the facility by replacing the batteries on a monthly basis.

This is also the stage in girl children’s lives when they are more burdened with their domestic duties and need the lighting resource to choose to study in their free time. The fact that their need to study at any time in the evening or night is given importance acts as a great enabler. They can take decisions on when they want to use it and how.
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