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IDD Project was implemented by NARAD in Wada & Jawhar Block of Thane District.  The Association has completed the project and covered 200 Village.  As food cannot get test without salt, like that we cannot live health without eating Iodised salt.  That’s the Association revealed to people.  And NARAD achieved success.  To attended the targeted groups and awared them the importance of Iodised salt and covered all population of village by this targeted groups.  The Association tried to accelerate the consumption of Iodised salt through organizing various activities in targeted groups.
The success in project we learned when villager, teachers visited the NARAD office for getting more information about the project.  The Association experienced various things and achieved co-operation of various eminent person.  So the NARAD succeeded to aware the peoples about Iodine salt whom have at home, the Happiness & prosperous at his home.

Objectives of the project:-
1) To aware the people about accelerate the consumption of Iodised salt.
2) To learn the peoples about ordinary salt and Iodised salt.
3) To prevent the illness which cause by lack of iodised salt?
4) To aware the people how to store the Iodised salt.
5) To learn the targeted group how to examine the Iodised salt through kits.
Project Implementation
During the project implementation of “Acceleration of universal salt Iodisation consumption maharashtra” in Jawhar and Wada. Block of Thane District.  The NARAD selected targeted groups as a medium to reach more and more people.  The targeted groups were school, Anaganwadi, SHG, salt Traders, Grampanchayat, ANC & PNC mother in the projected.

In first visit of village doing survey and second visit to Anganwadi worker.  The anganwadi is main place of ANC, PNC & SHG women.  The anganwadi worker gathered all of them at the tine meeting then aware them about the Iodised salt, made a practical by collecting sample of salt from this group.  After that attend school and deliver information of project to the headmaster and arrange the programmed of children and invite the sarpanch of G.P. member for this programmed.  After delivered the speech about the project and importance of Iodised salt.  The practical also made of Iodine examination.  To visit salt trader in same village and identify the salt in its shop and give him information about the project and warn him through villager donot keep again uniodised salt.  Attended a meeting of anganwadi workers, chief worker and nurses which held in PHC, sub center in a month.  Also attended teachers meeting and informed them about the project.  The correspondence also made with Govt. officers about the project and invited them in to the programmed.
In project implementation not only worker were giving information but also they were invite the doctors in meeting so that the peoples more awared.  Due to lacto of IEC the rural community are inapt so that they have attraction of folk dance, street play on the project and play in village meeting.
Various programmed were arranged by NARAD in three year project period from Nov. 2006 -2009.  Also attend more and more targeted group for reaching the information to all population of village.  In programmed the peoples awared and learned, what is an Iodine
why it is necessary to Body what is an importance of Iodised salt in our life what is the effect of uniodised salt How to store an Iodised salt safely
People’s response for the project

Well response has been seen in the project implementation.  Village committee formed for controlling the Iodised salt.  The committees warned to shopkeeper donot sell the uniodised salt.
Common question were asking to us by many women in meeting we are poor so can’t afford the costly salt.  So we are using this cheap salt.  The NARAD workers awared them the Iodised salt is not costly it also cheap.  This is prevention on illness causes by using of uniodised salt.  It is better than to spent vast money to cure the illness or operation.  The people are awared about this importance.

Some villagers also said due to work we have bought sack of salt, so, now we can’t throw the all salt.  The suitable answered theirs question.  This difficult to storage the salt when you have buy in bulk but it is easily we store the salt when we buy in ½ to 1 kg. Pack.
Mr. Hadakya pandu moragha who is social worker of Dhadari village.  When worker visit this village first met this person to worker.  The worker discusses him about the project.  Then he replied except me, you do not find the iodised salt in our entire village.  All the family is eating ordinary salt.  So the many cases of malnutrition child, squint-eyed children are found in this village. 
Mr. Ramdas Mahale, teacher of primary school of Nyahala, asked a question, when we add salt in boiled thing.  Then in evaporating process the iodine contain steam.  Does it exit in cover of pot
the worker responded him iodine contain in steam when vovaporated process.  But some women when take aside the cover of pot the steam threw on the ground because they unknown about the iodine. 
Project impact on people
People learned about an importance of Iodine salt.  So the people are to be taking a care of using salt.  The salt is broadly related to women, so now women are adding salt in eating thing after it turn cold or add on a time of meal.  Now people are taking are care of salt storage.  Not buy in bulk.  In earlier the women were keeping salt near stove, now they are awared and keeping salt pack away from stove.
The villagers also force to shopkeeper for sold an Iodised salt.  Iodine testing kits are distributed every villages to SHG, Sarapanch, Anganwadi worker, Teacher, youth mandal.  Before buy the loose salt they are testing the salt.  The school children also forces to their parents for buying iodised salt.  Now children acquainted iodised salt by mark of laughter sun.
In project period of three year from Nov. 2006 -2009 many good & bad thing experienced.
When visited some villages arranging programmed.  In meeting many women responded our children are forces us to buy a iodised salt.  It is result of programmed which was arranged in ashram school.  When second time visited same villages the women told their experience.  When our first meeting held, immediate we tested our salt after the meeting with help of iodine testing kits which you have distributed. 
In meeting of Bhagada, Mr. Bhore sir from Savarpada.  Heared the information of iodised salt.  He is also shopkeeper.  He understood the importance of iodised salt.  So he are selling iodised salt in his shop and telling another to eating iodised salt in his village.  When we visited Savarpada.  In meeting people said Mr. Bhore sir informed us the importance of iodised salt.
Some villager asked a question about the iodine, how we can trust on iodine because we can’t see by eyes.  Then we responded them we can examine the iodine from salt by the help of iodine testing kits.
The first difficulties in the Jawhar Block.  Many village are in remote and hilly area.  The transportation facilities rarely available.  So many village covered by walking.  The Wada Block is advanced few village are in remote and hilly area but transportation facilities is available.
Some peoples were doubted us while implementing the project.  The organization is advertised the companies salt, understanding of some people was the organization distributed free salt.  The worker removed this thinking of peoples.
State .The VHAM selected to National Rural Research and Development Association as implementing Organisation for Thane District.
Goal: - To aware the people about importance of iodine in our meal and about care of new born child.
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Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity for participating in the tree plantation. On behalf of UPS Foundation and UPS India Volunteers, I would like to thanks to you and your team members for supporting us as always..
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