Last year The NARAD Made 20000 tree plantation under this Campaign 10 beneficiary farmer were participated.This year also we intend to initiated "Tree Plantation Campaign 2016" This will be start from June 2016.This campaign aims to plant 50000 tree on owned farmers waste land.Each farmer require 5000 tree sapling.the price of one sapling is Rs.80 including labour and maintenance charges.Labour cahrges includes pits digging and sapling transport to the land from nursery.All labour activity will be done by beneficiary farmer and charges will be paid to farmer.

Every year is being rapidly increase the temperature on Earth. Certainly has become a topic of concern. The reason for this is that the bulk of the slaughter of trees every year, but even 25 per cent of the trees being not planted,So it is going to increase the amount of carbon dioxide a year. So the rainfall is very low. And irregularity of rainfall has increased. As water scarcity has been created. If the trees were cut down, but it will be one day, we will have to take along with the oxygen cylinder. If the temperature is constantly on the rise, It is going to be difficult even to live.To consider these things and so let us all pledge to do at least one planting  of sapling  anywhere If you are not a place to plant your trees himself. If you donate money to our organization for the planting of trees. that money, we will use to planting a sapling in farmers waste land and these farmer will be nurture to plant all over the year.
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